The wonderful pictures from the Gran Anello of Sibillini in winter time | Marche travelling

These are pictures of Marco Waldis, talented and famous photojournalist who has traveled the Gran Anello of Sibillini last winter.

Today we would like to introduce you in a fantastic photographic work by Marco Waldis, well-known photographer, among other things, special mention in the International Photography Award. In fact, last March Marco Waldis traveled the famous tour of the Gran Anello of Sibillini, in winter time. Breathtaking landscapes, unspoiled nature, a well-marked and easy path for any person.

The Gran Anello of Sibillini is a path that you can do in 9 stages for a total of about 124 km. It starts from Visso to get to Cupi, then from Cupi to Fiastra, third stage from Fiastra to Monastero. The fourth stage is from Monastero to Garulla, with the fifth stage you get to Rubbiano, the sixth to Colle di Montegallo. The seventh up to Colle le Cese, the eighth up to Campi Vecchio to finish at the starting point: Visso.

The route is fully marked and you can find a valuable guide of all nine stages (even in GPX) HERE.

Today, however, we talk with Marco Waldis about his experience in these beautiful places that he has recommended to all walkers, mountain lovers and more.

Hi Marco, first of all we ask you: did you do the whole tour?

Sure! I started from Visso, it was late winter, around March. Although it was not a particularly cold winter but after the first two days it started to snow a lot.

With whom and why did you choose the Gran Anello of Sibillini?

I went with my girlfriend, since it was her birthday, and I chose to surprise her and celebrate her in these havens. We did it all in about a week, going pretty fast.

Did you already know the Sibillini Mountains and its stories?

About the Sibillini yes, something I had seen, but its stories no. I knew just something, I found on the internet when I was preparing it. There is much talk about the story of the Sibilla, truly enchanting.

A review of your experience, would you recommend it?

Definitely yes, the views are fantastic! Then it’s nice because you can tailor your trip. it’s really for everyone, you never go to high altitude but if you want you can deviate, for example, to the top of Mount Sibilla. We met many ski mountaineers and climber for example. It is not very popular in winter and I was looking for this kind of peace.

Thanks a lot Marco.