5 dream beaches in the Marche region | Marche travelling

On your holiday in the Marche region, there are 5 dream beaches you cannot miss.

If you are planning to travel to the Marche during spring or summer, 5 dream beaches are a must to visit. Their colours and landscapes make an unforgettable experience to be remembered for all your life.

The first beach is between Gabicce Mare and Pesaro, near the San Bartolo Park and it is called Baia della Vallugola. It is a wild and unspoilt beach, enriched by the green nature of the San Bartolo Park. It is easy to reach. You only need to follow a path from the Park directly to the beach. Water is crystal clear and the beach is made of little stones making it possible to relax and dream cuddled by the soft sound of the wavers breaking on the shore.

Moving towards the south of the region, you will find the beauty of the second beach, the so called Velvet Beach in Senigallia. You may run and have fun on this thin sand shore, apparently unlimited. Then you may visit the famous Rotonda sul Mare in Senigallia and swim in this clean sea, with shallow and protected waters.

The third and fourth beaches that you cannot miss in the Marche region are on the Conero Riviera and they are called: Spiaggia di Mezza Valle  and Spiaggia delle Due Sorelle. The spiaggia di Mezza Valle is located next to the Baia di Portonovo, on the Adriatic coast: a long beach pretty similar as landscape to the long Caribbean beaches. The sea is crystal clear and calm, since it is protected by the bay, the beach it long and wide and it is made of a mix of thin sand and small stone allowing you to take a relaxing and regenerating walk on the shore. The nature surrounding the beach of Mezza Valle is a reason more to visit it. The green surrounding it and the landscape you may enjoy from every side of the Portonovo Bay are a breathtaking natural show. The path to reach the beach may be a little tiring.

The Spiaggia delle Due Sorelle is a jewel of the Marche. One of the most beautiful beaches in the world, it can be reached by boat or through a very tough path from the Conero Mountain that is not really recommended. Once gotten on the beach, you will face a dream come true. The beach is characterized by little stones and crystal clear water and the Two Sisters from which it is named after are the two big white rocks coming out of the sea.

Finally, the fifth beach. You may find it in San Benedetto del Tronto, where the natural landscape changes again. You can reach the famous Riviera delle Palme where the beach is a wide long stretch of sand delimited by bushy vegetation and evergreen palm trees. The beaches in San Benedetto del Tronto immediately give you a sense of holiday, a unique atmosphere to let you feel cozy as at your home and where you may enjoy funny moments with friend of family in the several clubs along the seafront.