A journey to the discovery of the houses of the great Italian writers | Marche travelling
A beautiful book published by Feltrinelli, edited by Mauro Novelli introduces us to the interior of the houses of the greats of Italian literature.

It is recently released, in the month of October, and it has already been reviewed by many Italian newspapers. It is called “La finestra di Leopardi”, the latest literary work of Mauro Novelli, who leads us to know precisely the houses of the most famous Italian writers. The idea for the book was born at the turn of our region. The author tells the story, in the Introduction, when landed in the port of Ancona coming back from Greece to interview Tonino Guerra, he went in Romagna and through the landscapes crossed and the Apennines, and he was stuck. And so he decides to retrace the lives of the authors from another point of view: their place of refuge.

What is the meaning of this trip? “What we hope to take away from us, that is not on sale? It is only a matter of fetishism, voyeurism? I think not – not for me, at least. Sure, take a look at the private lives of celebrities can intrigue and entertain”. And then we can know the fathers of our language from another point of view, “the focused silence of their quiet rooms is interrupted by echoes of shots, gasps, cries, quarrels, cries of love, sighs of unhappiness, cork, jumping, rosaries quietly recited”.

We have not yet boarded at the time of the other destinations in the company of Petrarch, Manzoni, Pavese, Fenoglio, D’Annunzio, Tasso, Carducci, Pascoli, Quasimodo, Pirandello, Deledda, Pasolini, and many others. However, certainly, we know and we recommend you move to Recanati, in the city of the Leopardi.

There are many things to see: the palazzo Leopardi, which overlooks the square, the same place from where Leopardi got the idea for his “Sabato del Villaggio“. The library accounted for the majority of his father Monaldo, but also the house of Teresa Fattorini. The famous Silvia. And really so much more: the museums, the old town.

HERE you can find more information on Casa Leopardi.