A tour in the Marche for all sports fans | Marche travelling
Here is a unique Tour for all sports fans! From football to volleyball, from fencing to basketball, here is our purpose.

Are you ready to go on one of our great tours? Here is a very special offer for you: we walk together through the places that represent the best symbols of the sport excellence of the Marche. Places that have seen great challenges or are still a magnet for sport events. This time we start from the south, from Ascoli Piceno.

• The “Cinema e Lillo Del Duca” stadium in Ascoli Piceno

This is the fortress of Ascoli Calcio 1898, a team that plays in Serie B football league. It was built in 1955, although its most important restructuring was carried out thanks to the legendary president Costantino Rozzi: the one where the hottest cheering takes place and the avenue in front of the stadium. It was inaugurated in 1962 with a game between Italy and England.
The history of the stadium became more and more a place for thrilling games, thanks to the achievement of Serie A by Ascoli Calcio (1974), year in which the Ascoli fans also organized them. Imagine! Here Italy played at the 1985 World Cup (against Portugal); It was the scene of intense Serie A and B season, when the most famous players (like Francesco Totti, for example) stepped on the grass of Del Duca. But it is also the place where two friendly matches of Italian rugby and some important concerts have taken place. We recommend to visit this gem during an Ascoli Calcio game.

o The Eurosuole Forum by Civitanova Marche

Did you know that you have to come to Civitanova Marche to see some Champions League games ?! Of course we speak about volleyball and Lube Civitanova Marche belongs to the Italian and international excellencies. The building was built in 2014 and can accommodate up to 4,000 spectators. This makes it the ideal venue for volleyball, equipped with Italian tricolor parquet until last year.
The championship will be very exciting this year. The Lube Civitanova Marche has managed to buy the best players (especially Leal and Simon) and to keep his jewels (Juantorena and Sokolov, for example). We are ready to participate in many games at the highest level!

  – The Adriatic Arena of Pesaro

The basketball temple of the Marche is located in Pesaro: here is Victoria Libertas Pesaro. A spectacular facility that can accommodate up to 10 thousand spectators. It is not surprising that there are many concerts here (Eric Clapton, Pino Daniele, Pavarotti, Santana, Jovanotti, Queen, Oasis, Vasco Rossi and many others have also played here). Its inauguration took place in 1996 with a wonderful concert by Luciano Pavarotti. Due to its shape and style, it is also known as the “Spaceship”.

For basketball lovers, however, it is called BPA Palas, the symbolic place of the legendary home team Scavolini Pesaro. To date, the Marche team has changed its name to Victoria Libertas Pallacanestro, but continues to play in Serie A and defends the championship won in the ‘80s.

 – The Palazzetto dello sport Ezio Triccoli in Jesi

One of the most popular sports in the center of the Marche is fencing. The best athletes in the world come from our region. We are talking about the Club scherma di Jesi and of course Annarita Sparaciari, Susanna Batazzi, Stefano Cerioni, Giovanna Trillini, Valentina Vezzali and Elisa Di Francisca. All the names of athletes who have won the impossible worldwide. So, if you’re close by, take a trip to the place where the best athletes in the world grow up.
The structure was dedicated to fencer Ezio Triccoli, who founded the Jesi club in the ‘40s and ‘50s after returning from a prison camp in Africa. The inauguration dates back to 1992 and is also the place where the city’s volleyball and basketball teams play.

 – Beachvolley in the Fermo area

In order to experience this, you should return in the summer when many chalets set up camps or when the free beach areas are equipped with beach volley fields. There are numerous summer tournaments and many fans from the Fermo area and others, that come to play. Porto San Giorgio, where the Italian beach volleyball championship took place, is a place where numerous buildings are currently establishing themselves for such activities. Always on the coast you will also find indoor facilities for the next season!