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Artistic Nativities are exposed in Monte San Giusto

The magic of Christmas is best displayed in the representation of the nativity. A trip during the times may be made in the nativities exposed all over the regional territory in le Marche.

Today, we would like to tell you about very special nativities. They are  made with craftsmanship and competence and really remind us of a far but as well current time. In the wonderful little town of Monte San Giusto, province of Macerata, the exhibition of artistic nativities from Andrea Pistolesi takes place every year. The exhibit is located in the historic building Palazzo Bonafede . It will be visible until the 22nd January 2017. Immerse in this ancient tradition, but still vivid thanks to the wise hands of the artist.

Andrea Pistolesi, 38 years old from Monte San Giusto, is an excellent opera singer who nurtures his passion for the nativities art since he was a child. He defines himself a self-taught artist in the nativity art. He uses materials such as wood, polystyrene, plasterboard, cans, transparent plastic and  modeling clay. He then decorates with tempera and acrylic colors, dust sealer and micro bulbs.

In 2013, the Town Hall in Monte San Giusto invited him to put up a permanent exhibit of his nativities, using part of his collection. The exhibit was very successful, reaching about 18.000 visitors since the first edition. In the exhibit you will find about 30 representations made with statues coming from all over Italy. Every reproduction offers environments inspired by landscapes from le Marche and shows everyday life scenes. This year you may find three big news. First, a big mechanic nativity made thanks to the help of Cesare Ciccalè from Fermo. Second, a nativity from Maestro Fabio Modeo. Last but not least, an evocative representation of the Nativity collocated inside a house affected by the earthquake, as to show closeness to the population hurt by the recent seismic events.

The exhibit is open on non-working days from 10am to 1pm and from 4pm to 8pm, during the days before the non-working days from 4pm to 8pm. On the other days upon reservation. Four extra  opening days on: 16th , 17th , 23rd , 30th  December from 9pm to midnight. Free entrance.