Guide to all types of beaches which you can discover in your holiday in Conero Riviera, from sandy Numana to the white stones of Portonovo.

An unique holiday, entangling, in the sign of entertainment and relax, kissed by the sun and by an enchanting crystal clear sea, equipped beaches and very well served by beach resorts and front rank chalet, wild bay reachable only by sea, all of this in the fabulous setting of Natural Park, there is for all tastes in the marvelous Conero Riviera.

In the stretch of Adriatic coast, which from Ancona runs down until Porto Recanati, a great variety of scenery and of places to discover, sandy or rocky beaches, stacks, bay, hidden inlets, old or touristic secret harbors of mythological charm, will make the sojourn in this area an unforgettable experience.

Adventurous or silent, sports or relaxing, equipped or wild, in the Conero Riviera the beaches are made for all tastes.

Embraced to crystal clear and transparent water with a breath-taking view on the back, the marvelous beaches of Numana, within two characteristic bay just before the cliff, the Spiaggiola and the Spiaggia dei frati, both of them on the higher part. For a lot of kilometers, between colored rows of beach umbrella and low sea bottom, protected by the cliff, a subtle and handle sand makes this place very appropriate for families with little children. Instead in the lower part of Numana, going towards Marcelli, the extended beach presents itself with an intense gold color, this area too is very appropriated for families, offers lots of services and entertainments thanks, not only to the beach resorts, but also to touristic harbor equipped to welcome every type of boat.

The beaches of the beautiful medieval village of Sirolo are different and boast breath-taking scenery and views; the Urbani beach-composed by rocks and gravel- with the appearance of an half moon, is the most comfortable one and nestled in the cliff, between a cave and a bluff, protected by a cliff barrier, that of San Michele is a long pebbly and rocks beach which insinuates until under the Conero between free areas and beach resorts well equipped; while its extension is one of the most characteristics stretch of the Riviera, the Sassi Neri beach, wild and free, naturalistic for excellence, it is called in this way because of the numerous black cliffs and rocky slab. Little cleft and minuscule rocky beaches, made of this little corner of Conero Riviera an enchanting and wild place.

Very well-know the “Due Sorelle” beach, uncontaminated and without any beach resort, is the most representative and panoramic thanks to the stacks which emerge from the blue sea,which together with the white beaches are the Sirolo‘s symbols. The beach, reachable through the complicated excursionistic way “Passo del Lupo” or by sea, is made of gravel and white pebble, instead in the back of the sea the rocky spurs nestle in the cliff. In the territory of Sirolo there is also the “Spiaggia dei Lavori”, near the beach “Due Sorelle”, made of pebble and boulder polished by the sea. There are also the Forni and Gabbiani beaches, two little sandy coves while, between the territory of Sirolo and that of Numana, there is the “Frati” beach,which took its name from a submerged cliff in proximity.

Portonovo is a sea locality of extraordinary beauty. A touristic, seaside and landscape center, expose on the namesake bay and wild beaches, of a deep blue sea and Mediterranean scrub hills. While the south area, between the guardian tower and the medieval church of Santa Maria, is very appreciated and frequented by windusrfists. Here are many touristic beaches, both from nord to south, with a rocky and high coast, spaced out between little beaches and natural cliff which goes down until this little natural oasis.

Gravel and polished stones interchanges between them, as the free ways to the equipped ones in a charming meeting between colors of nature, where the white of the beaches makes the counterpoint to the shades of intense blue and to the green of the Mediterranean scrub. At the north of Portonovo you can find the white beach of Mezzavalle, long and free, naturalistic and reachable by narrow paths or by sea. Then, the Trave beach, which takes its name from the natural cliff which extends for about a kilometer towards the lake, without services and beach resorts. At the south of Portonovo, under the cliff of Conero, stretches of coast or cliffs with many free beaches, reachable through arduous and panoramic path or by sea, there is  the beach of “Vela” which takes its name from the high cliff with a triangular shape which face the ending part of the coast, on which climb up the adventurous one and the dives lovers.

Last layer towards the south of the Conero Riviera, not still in Ancona but in Macerata, there is Porto Recanati, with its large golden beaches, clear sea, low and safe sea bottom,  beach resort equipped for sport and relax. A sea village awarded with the “Bandiera Verde”, recognition assigned to the better seaside locality of Italy appropriated to families with children under 18. The coast is characterized by sandy beaches spaced out by sandy areas and low sea spaced out by steep ways.