Do you know the Tibet of the Marches? | Marche travelling
There is a little district in San Severino Marche, in the province of Macerata, which is also known as “the Tibet of the Marches”.

It is a little town located 821 meters above sea level and not far from Monte San Vicino. No one lives there, but it’s one of the breath-taking locations of our region. If you haven’t already understood, we are talking about the wonderful Elcito. It has been called “Tibet of the Marches” in one of the many reviews written by tourists on the famous internet site TripAdvisor. It’s a place outside space and time where the atmosphere is magical.

If you haven’t been there yet, this is a good occasion to organise a trip and to get to know this enchanting place. All that’s left is an old castle which was built in order to defend the Benedictine abbey of Valfucina. You can reach it from the near San Severino Marche by taking the road which leads to Apiro to the district of Castel San Pietro. Its name derives from “ilex” that is to say the tree which arises spontaneously and better known as holm oak.