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Pesaro and Urbino

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Tour of Pesaro and Urbino, accommodation, activities and things to do

Pesaro is a splendid city in the Marche region which together with Urbino forms the provincial capital Pesaro UrbinoPesaro is wet from Adriatic Sea and for this it is one seaside resort very appreciated. Furthermore, Pesaro it rises between two coastal hills San Bartolo and Ardizio and is crossed by the Foglia river. Il historic center of Pesaro it is rich in Renaissance monuments.


Urbino is the splendid capital of Pesaro of the province of Pesaro e Urbino in MarcheIt was one of the most important centers of the Italian Renaissance and since 1998 its historic center is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Urbino it retains all the Renaissance connotations in its splendid architecture it preserves. I am an example the Ducal Palace well known and visited, today the seat of the National Gallery of the Marche. To the Ducal Palace it is accessed through a small square, quadrilateral in shape, located on the top of the Poggio hill.

La Raphael's house where it is possible to admire a fresco by the young Raphael, as well as paintings by his father Giovanni Santi, the rooms and furnishings of the house where the famous painter lived.

How to get to Pesaro and Urbino

The province is served by the A / 14 motorway which connects Bologna to Taranto. The exit is at the Pesaro-Urbino motorway exit.

There is no direct connection with Urbino. There are trains from Bologna and Ancona, get off at Pesaro or Fano and reach Urbino by bus.

Numerous bus lines connect the province with the major centers of Italy such as Rome. It is also possible to use the service of two bus lines: Roma Marche lines spa and Start spa.

The “R. Sanzio ”in Falconara Marittima, connected daily with Rome, Milan, London, Munich, Paris, is 45 km from Pesaro and 86 km from Urbino.