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Ancona, ancient seaside town, and the capital of the Marche, considered the guardian of Mar Adriatic.

Its name derives from the Greek word Ankon, which means elbow; indeed visiting Ancona, you will notice, especially when you are on the Riviera del Conero, and even better on top of the important silhouette of the Monte Conero, that Ancona bella seaside town, is wet from the sea on either side of an imaginary triangle (or elbow) pointing to the sea.

Thanks to the elbow shape that faces the sea area of  Riviera Adriatica, Ancona it is both historically and commercially one of the most important cities of the the Oriental Italian company.

Ancona is a very lively city from a commercial point of view, in fact the port of Ancona It is one of the main ones tourist landings e Business of Adriatic Sea and d ' Italy landmark in the famous Adriatic corridor of connection with the countries of the East.

La Marina Dorica of Ancona it is certainly the most important tourist port of the Marche, offering fans of the sea and pleasure boating the ability to moor your own pleasure boats in a truly qualified marina with excellent restaurant services e welcome both ai boaters that to families.

Ancona offers visitors, passersby and tourists beautiful views of the sea and a rich variety monuments.

Ancona, was founded in 387 BC by Dori, ancient Greek population of sailors and it was the Dori to transmit to Ancona and to Anconetani le traditions that have transformed today Ancona in a seafaring city rich in history andmodern art e culture, reference point for the whole Marche region.

Places to visit


Filottrano Tourist Information and Reception Point (IAT) - Porto Recanati Corso Matteotti 130 tel: 071.9799084 Explore Filottrano Know See How to arrive…
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Loreto IAT Center Loreto Via Solari 3 tel: 071.970276 fax: 071.970020 e-mail: iat.loreto@provincia.ancona.it Explore Loreto Knowing Seeing Arriving Sleeping News…
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Church of Santa Maria della Piazza

Church of Santa Maria della Piazza

Church of Santa Maria della Piazza Explore Church of Santa Maria della Piazza Know See News What to know about Church…
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Ancona Cathedral

Ancona Cathedral Cathedral of San Ciriaco (Piazzale duomo, duomo area) 07152688 Municipality of Ancona (Largo XXIV Maggio, 1) 0712221 Explore…
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Poggio RIVIERA DEL CONERO TURISMO via Peschiera 30, 60020 Sirolo (AN) Tel. +39 (0) 719332270 / Fax +39 (0) 719338294 Mail: info@conero.info…
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Borgo Piticchio

Borgo Piticchio

Borgo Piticchio IAT Point - Arcevia Corso Mazzini 64 tel: 0731.984561 fax: 0731.984561 Explore Borgo Piticchio Knowing Seeing Getting there News…
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Portonovo ANCONA: IAT Center Via della Loggia, 50, 60100 Ancona Tel. +39 (0) 71358991 Fax +39 (0) 713589912 Explore Portonovo Explore Portonovo Know…
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Ostra IAT OSTRA P.zza dei Martiri, 5 60010 Ostra (AN) Italy Tel .: + (39) 071.7989080 Fax: + (39) 071.7989080 www.comune.ostra.an.it Explore Ostra…
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ostra vetere

Ostra Vetere

Ostra Vetere Municipality of Ostra Vetere (P.zza Don Minzoni, 1) 071965053 Protocol@comune.ostravetere.an.it Explore Ostra Vetere Know See Get Sleep News What ...
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Osimo USEFUL NUMBERS IATOSIMO Via Fonte Magna, 12 - 60027 Osimo (AN) tel: 071 7236088 Explore Osimo Knowing Seeing Arriving Sleeping…
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offagna medieval village


Offagna Tourist Information Office Piazza del Comune, 1 60020 Offagna (AN) Italy Tel .: + (39) 071.7107005 Fax: + (39) 071.7107380 www.offagna.org Explore Offagna…
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Numana MUNICIPALITY OF NUMANA Tourism Department 60026 Numana - Italy Tel. 071 9339801assessorato@turismonumana.it IAT NUMANA Tourist Reception Information 60026 Numana - Italy Tel. 071 9330612info@turismonumana.it Explore…
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How to get to Ancona

Ancona is served by the A / 14 motorway which connects Bologna to Taranto at the Ancona exit.

Ancona is a stopover for the Milan-Lecce railway line with eurostar and intercity.

Numerous bus lines connect the city with the major centers of Italy such as Rome. It is also possible to use the service of two bus lines: Roma Marche lines spa and Start spa.

in Ancona there is the Ancona-Falconara airport.


Moroder Agricultural Company Ancona
Since 1837 Winemakers in the Conero

The agricultural complex, certified organic and entirely within the Conero Natural Park, covers an area of ​​62 hectares, of which 38 are dedicated to the cultivation of grapes.
The heart of the company is the cellar. The vineyards, which frame it at 360 ° following the sinuous line of the hills, mix with orchards, oak and olive groves, and then overlook the sea.

Azienda Silvano Strologo produces Rosso Conero wine in Camerano Ancona

Strologue is a 'family-run farm, which stands on the fruitful lands of Camerano, one of the original municipalities of the Conero Riviera (to whose foundation only 4 municipalities were part) and which today has 16.

Conero Red Wine

Rosso Conero represents the emblem and territoriality of the Ancona area and the only promontory of the Adriatic coast, Monte Conero. The uniqueness of this type of wine derives above all from the cultivation environment of the Montepulciano vineyards.

Conero area for tasting Conero Red Wine

We can only advise you to start from wine, from one of the products of the land of Conero area most famous in the world: wine Conero red wine. Ma Rosso Conero is a nectar of the Gods that has no season! Its unmistakable taste must absolutely be savored even in summer, if you don't want to fully experience the experience of a holiday on the Conero Riviera.