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What to know about Loreto

Loreto and its Marian shrine, represent the sacred heart of the Marche behind the Resort area of  Riviera del Conero.

Loreto is definitely the spiritual centercity ​​of faith more important than Marche, attractiveness for the religious tourism famous all over the world and destination of pilgrimages which all year round recall faithful to Loreto to worship the Virgin represented by Statue of the Black Madonna

Loreto, located on a hill full of laurels dominating the Riviera del Conero, is a suggestive location for its spirituality and for the splendor of the panorama that wraps and surrounds it: it is in fact possible to admire from Loreto, from his Sanctuary, one of the most characteristic views of the region because it combines sea, Mountains e colline of the Marche.

Loreto is famous for the Sanctuary of the Holy House, representing one of the places of worship most visited in Italy and even in Europe. The Loreto, in fact, it is kept inside the Duomo the earthly home of the Virgin of Nazareth, where Jesus himself lived up to 12 years, and recalls the cosmic event of the Incarnation of Jesus.

The headquarters of the Sanctuary it is Monte Podo, a place inhabited until ancient times which on the night of 9 December 1294 welcomed the Holy House of Nazareth after a long journey from the East.

Soon the presence of this treasure of the Christian religion, which can still be visited today well preserved inside the Duomo o Loreto Basilica, aroused interest and religious fervor all over the world.

Loreto devotion to the is very strong Madonna, and this is also testified by the numerous works of art dedicated to her and widespread in the Marche.

Important painters such as Claudio Ridolfi, Annibale Carracci, Andrea Lilli Andrea Sacchi, Guercino and the great Caravaggio worked hard.

Among the beauties of Loreto there is the square in front of it Basilica with the splendid portal and the facade of this church, unique in the world for the treasure it contains.

Loreto impresses with the energy and charisma of the people who meet in the large e sacred square of the Marche.

The famous is also important to visit Pinacoteca Museum of the Holy House, located in the western arm of the Apostolic Palace: paintings, sculptures, tapestries, majolica, goldsmith objects, liturgical furnishings and furniture are preserved, all the result of charities and gifts to Holy House.

From the historical point of view, the discovery of the necropolis is clear evidence that Loreto it was already frequented in the most ancient times of history and in the High Middle Ages Loreto saw its maximum expansion of the inhabited nucleus mentioned as castrum Laureti.

The first settlement concerned the upper part of the sacred hill, then gradually expanded along the whole hill.

 Loreto is a resort of the Marche also important from the point of view artistic, all from discover visit.

 The Basilica built starting from 1468 houses:

- The Holy House inside the Basilica, under the dome, a spiritual symbol and relic for Christianity;

- The facade started in 1571 by Francesco Boccalini and finished in 1587 by Lattanzio Ventura;

- The dome of the cathedral of Loreto has a diameter of 22 meters, and is the third in Italy after that of San Pietro in Rome and Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence;

- The bell tower, 75,60 m high, by Luigi Vanvitelli, built in 1750;

- In the bronze doors, designed for the Jubilee of 1600, scenes from the Old Testament are depicted;

- Other noteworthy monuments that we recommend to visit are: The Majeure Fountain in Piazza della Madonna, Le Mura Castellane, The Palazzo della Provincia.

 Loreto is famous in the Marche and Italy also for the 'Artistic craftsmanship, For the silver working, the making of religious objects. Along the main street of the city ​​of Loreto, the ancient Via dei Coronari, you can buy items of handicraft in woodsilver e ceramic.

Loreto also offers a rich food and wine tradition with typical dishes e specialty  vincisgrassi, brodetto, stuffed olives, crescia sfogliata.

Loreto offers hospitality first level e accommodationcongressional e athletic for the religious tourismLoreto it is very favored by the central geographical position, easily accessible thanks to the excellent road links and offers a hotel accommodation up to about two thousand two hundred beds, all year round.

Travel tips

Pinacoteca Museum of the Holy House

Sanctuary of the Holy House and the Basilica of Loreto

Apostolic Palace

How to get to Loreto

“A14 Bologna-Taranto” motorway, exit at “Loreto-Porto Recanati”, and drive for about 3 kilometers.

Line “Ancona-Pescara”, Loreto station, or Ancona-Loreto bus. Loreto has a railway station located about 2 kilometers from the historic center, towards the sea.

“A14 Bologna-Taranto” motorway, exit at “Loreto-Porto Recanati”, and drive for about 3 kilometers.

Falconara Marittima Airport, from which Loreto can be reached in thirty minutes by taxi or by renting a car. Alternatively Bus or Taxi service to Ancona railway station.