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What to know about Numana

Numana It is among the seaside resorts more laughing and more popular than Riviera del Conero, historically called Humana, in reference to the ancient port dating back to the Roman Empire.
Numana is located on a hill overlooking the sea, and is reflected on the waters of the Riviera del Conero.

Legend has it that the town was originally larger and that a part of ancient Humana collapsed towards sea;

To support this theory, in recent times, some remains dating back to the Roman era have been found off today's marina.
Numana today it is a lively but sober center of Riviera del Conero, defined the Lady of the Conero. The tourist he can immerse himself along the alleys, among the white limestone houses of the quarry of Conero. And it is precisely the Monte Conero with its namesake Park natural protected, which is the backdrop to the town of Numana. Already from a certain distance from the coast it is possible to see Numana framed by the luxuriant vegetation of the Monte Conero.

Numana, little treasure of the Marche coast, it can be defined as the country with one heart and two souls; In fact, the ancient town stands on a promontory overlooking the Adriatic Sea, while the new area is at the level of the sea and is designed by coast area of  Riviera del Conero. It is no coincidence that the part of the Old Town it is called Numana Alta while the coastal one Numana Bassa, intertwining ancient and modern in the splendid setting of Conero Natural Park.

On the square of the upper part from which you can see the beautiful panorama area of  Riviera del Conero is the Medieval Tower which is actually a medieval arch and was probably part of the defensive system.

Numana develops around the Old Town, quiet during the day but lively in the evening, when the lights come on shoprestaurants e ice cream that welcome that sober movement of tourists in summer nights. The costarella is one of the historical streets of Numana, entirely made up of steps, was once inhabited by fishermen who daily walked this staircase to go to the port.
The part of the Numana seafront instead it is studded with bathing facilities equipped, where the tourist in addition to the peace on his bed, and the clean sea worthy of Blue Flag, can practice sports such as Beach Volleyball.
Among the places of interest a Numana There is the archaeological Museum which is located right near the central square, which contains the remains of the Tomb of the Queen.
The Tomb of the Queen it is a picene sepulchral area that was found a few years ago near sirolo,
always in the Archaeological Museum of Numana it is possible to admire the jewels and the treasure that there queen Picena he took with him during his travel in Marche.

Numana welcomes its tourists in the numerous hotelsresidencebed and breakfastcountry house e campgrounds and even if in full summer it's a quiet city for one family seaside tourism.

The History of Numana

Numana is now well known as a suggestive seaside resort located in the southern part of Monte Conero. Today it has about 3000 inhabitants and its territory is almost entirely included in the Conero National Park. Although today Numana looks like a delightful seaside town, it has been of considerable importance over the course of its nearly three thousand year long history.

Thanks to the numerous finds of tombs in Piceno age, it has been possible to trace the presence of this aristocratic and warrior population since IX-VIII century BC The abundant presence of Attic pottery shows the function of connecting the port of Numana with the Greece, in that time. In fact, Numana was the most important Piceno center for relations with the Greek world since 6th century BC, already two centuries before the foundation of Ancona by the Syracusans.

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Archaeological Museum

Known as theState Antiquarium and located near the Piazza del Santuario, the museum of Numana was established in 1974, during the renovation of the National Archaeological Museum of the Marche of Ancona, and became an essential exhibition completion.

Suggestive to see is the rich and prestigious trousseau found in the Tomb of the Queen, demonstrating the pomp and the strong warrior aristocracy of the time, found in Sirolo in 1989, and today considered one of the richest burials in the Mediterranean, thanks to its more than a thousand fibulae and its 1783 total objects, including Attic pottery and Piceno, bronze artifacts, ivory, bronze and amber jewels. Also, it is possible to admire the two wagons, chariot and gig, restored, the loom to culture, the only ancient specimen preserved up to the present day, and unique and evocative objects of the power and virtues that the Queen had to exercise in life.

Historic center of Numana Alta

One of the most beautiful places in Numana that always attracts the interest of tourists is his Old Town. There are many places to visit: theArch of the Roman tower which is located in the square of Belvedere or in the balcony overlooking the beach, together with theaqueduct, another typical Roman element, constituted a place that served the ancients as a passage of water and shelter from pirate attacks. Also in the historic center you will find one of the most famous streets of Numana, where you can definitely take the best photos, it is called the "costarella" steps that have no flooring and where the local fishermen passed every day.

Il Sanctuary of the Crucifix it is certainly one of the monuments to visit if you are heading to Numana. It dates back to Five hundred, inside you will find the very famous Crucifix in wood which most likely was transported to Europe from Charlemagne as a gift for Pope Leo III. In the town square you will find in front of the Sanctuary of the Crucifix, a gorgeous building is Palace of the Bishops, belonged to the noble Roman families and today is the seat of the Municipality of Numana.

Abbey of San Pietro al Conero

One of the things to see at sirolo it is certainly the Badia di San Pietro which rises on Monte Conero. Suitable place for an excursion, a day of relaxation and more. Here are our photos!

Accessible to all, we have chosen the path of the path starting from the Sirolo cemetery where you can park your car. After a few hours of walking we easily reached the summit, not before having reached out to some of the most beautiful viewpoints in the area from which it is possible to admire the beach of Sirolo, with the Two Sisters.

Once we got to the top there was a fantastic complex waiting for us dating back to the XNUMXs. According to some, there are news of this building as early as 1038 when it was joined to the hermitage of San Benedetto. Today the Romanesque church remains which, as you can see from the photos, is entirely open to visitors.

Beach of the Two Sisters

If you say Sirolo, surely the first images they will show you will be those of the Due Sorelle beach or rather the Velare beach. The two rocky cliffs in the shape of a peak that emerge from the water called faraglioni belong to this beach. Think that they characterize Sirolo so much that they are celebrated in a tourist stamp that was made in 2011.

How to get to Numana

From the North: Take the A14 motorway towards Ancona, exit at Ancona Sud / Osimo, turn onto the SS 16 towards Pescara, go through Osimo Stazione, Coppo and follow the signs for Numana. From the South: Take the A14 motorway towards Naples, exit at Loreto / Porto Recanati, turn onto the SS 16 towards Porto Recanati, cross Marcelli and follow the signs for Numana.

It is advisable to reach Ancona railway station and continue with the "Reni" bus which connects Ancona with Numana every hour.

Auolinee Reni

Ancona-Falconara Airport 32 Km from Numana.


Activities in Numana

From sightseeing to hidden treasures, find out what makes the city of Numana unique.


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What to do in Numana if it rains

You are in the summer on vacation in Numana, and that annoying rainy day arrives that disturbs your plans. Don't be sad we have prepared for you a list of things you can do in Numana if it rains. This is in fact a tourist area that offers many interesting things to do and discover. 

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Conero Red Wine

Rosso Conero represents the emblem and territoriality of the Ancona area and the only promontory of the Adriatic coast, Monte Conero. The uniqueness of this type of wine derives above all from the cultivation environment of the Montepulciano vineyards.

Conero area for tasting Conero Red Wine

We can only advise you to start from wine, from one of the products of the land of Conero area most famous in the world: wine Conero red wine. Ma Rosso Conero is a nectar of the Gods that has no season! Its unmistakable taste must absolutely be savored even in summer, if you don't want to fully experience the experience of a holiday on the Conero Riviera.

Azienda Silvano Strologo produces Rosso Conero wine in Camerano Ancona

Strologue is a 'family-run farm, which stands on the fruitful lands of Camerano, one of the original municipalities of the Conero Riviera (to whose foundation only 4 municipalities were part) and which today has 16.

Le Terrazze Farm

Since the late nineteenth century, the Terni family produces and vinifies Montepulciano grapes which, in the area, find their natural habitat. Furthermore, from the olive groves that surround the estate - olive trees of the Frantoio, Leccino and Pendolino varieties - a extra virgin olive oil of excellent quality.

Conte Leopardi winery

Located at the foot of Monte Conero and a step away from the Adriatic Sea, the Conte Leopardi Winery produces wines exclusively with its own grapes, guaranteeing the entire production chain. As well as the oil which, thanks to a hand harvest in the company's olive groves, is cold pressed a few hours after harvesting to obtain an oil that keeps intact gustatory qualities and nutritional properties. Recommended to savor the true taste of the Marche. 

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