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What to know about Offagna

offagna, the village near the Riviera del Conero which revives the Middle Ages in the Marche.

offagna is one of the wonders of Marche region, rises behind Ancona and  Conero Riviera, in particular on an area where the ground begins to undulate gently and assumes a predominantly green color, a typical feature of the hinterland of Marche.

offagna is a picturesque and quiet medieval village, which for some years has been awarded the important recognition of Orange Flag for its beauty and importance historical e tourist.

An interesting destination for the tourist careful is the Natural Science Museum dedicated to Luigi Paolucci, one of the most distinguished naturalists of Marche.

Every year many schools flock to the Museum travel of education in Marche. Here you will find a rich scientific instrumentation and natural science finds.

La historical culture di offagna it originates from the healthy and genuine peasant civilization and the most important monument of the country is undoubtedly the Medieval fortress, which stands majestically on the highest ridge of offagna. From the top of the Rocca you have the feeling of dominating extensive landscapes of the Market,  from sea area of  Riviera del Conero,  colline and montagne of the Marche hinterland.

The fort was built between 1454 and 1456, enhancing an ancient pre-existing castle, in the highest part of the hill overlooking the Aspio valley. Placed on a sandstone rock, it takes on an even stronger dominating aspect. This garrison guaranteed peace to the territory of Ancona, which was the focus of numerous battles.

La Roll it looks like a massive quadrilateral with slightly displaced eccentric keep, in a dominant position on a sandstone cliff. Inside the Roll today is hosted the Rocca Museum, which displays an interesting collection of ancient weapons, from prehistoric times to the modern era.

Famous and popular throughout Italy is the festival held in offagna in July, to recall the Middle Ages. The Medieval Festivals of offagna is one of the most important events of the Marche which is repeated every year, taking inspiration from time to time by a new historical theme.

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Archaeological site from the Roman era

It is thought that the founding of the city of power dates back to 184/189 BC it was the work of the triumvirs Marco Fulvio FlaccoFifth Fulvio Nobiliore e Fifth Fabio Labeone. Do you think it was built for the veterans of the famous Punic wars thus protecting the coast from any attacks by the Illyrian pirates. Today all this has become a very interesting archaeological area located in Santa Maria and its administration is up to the Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of the Marche.

So, this was one of the ancient ones Roman colonies, according to some the poet settled there Ennio and it was the seat for families of merchants and bankers. Probably his most important period was the one he lived during theAugustan age, its decline is due to the arrival of Alaric. The colony was defended by a wall for an enormous extension along the river valley Potenza e Curmudgeon. The excavations are carried out in the urban area: the remains of the houses are wonderful with their mosaic floors and frescoed walls, the porticoes in the photo are beautiful. There are many statuary remains that today are preserved in the Permanent Archaeological Exhibition "Divi & Dei".

Medieval fortress sec. XV and medieval tower sec. XV


Museum of "Ancient Weapons" e Regional Museum of the "Liberation of Ancona"

Provincial Museum of Natural Sciences "Luigi Paolucci"

Provincial Museum of Natural Sciences "Luigi Paolucci"

Santa Zita Monastery sec. XVIII and Church of SS. Sacramento sec. XVIII (Works by the architect Andrea Vici)

Church of San Tommaso Apostolo and Church of Santa Lucia


Villa malacari

How to get to Offagna

From North and South: Take the A14 motorway (from the north towards Ancona and from the south towards Naples), exit at Ancona Sud / Osimo, continue on the SS 16 and follow the direction for Offagna.

The nearest railway station is Ancona (about 16 km). Continue by bus with the Conerobus line.

Conerobus bus lines (

Ancona Falconara Airport (20 Km).