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What to know about Portonovo

Portonovo is a Seaside belonging to the municipality of Ancona, part of the Conero Regional Park. North, Portonovo is bounded by the Monte Conero which at this point reaches a height of 400 m above the level of sea, to the south, on the other hand, it overlooks the sea and with a white pebble beach sinuous that goes to form the bath which gave the place its name.

Portonovo it has no inhabited center even if officially it has only one inhabitant. There are scattered houses in the woods mainly used as holiday homes.

Portonovo boasts the presence of numerous hotels, restaurants, bars and two campsites.

Portonovo in the summer it attracts thousands of tourists coming from all over for the splendid clear water sea. The Portonovo there is an area where you can practice the windsurf thanks to the almost constant presence of the wind. Renowned is it bathing establishment "La Capannina".

Here is a small preview of the beauty of Portonovo. With this video, shot using a drone, you will be enchanted by the sea and the variety of beaches that the bay of Portonovo has.

The History of Portonovo

To live even more intensely a day, a weekend, or a long holiday stay in Portonovo, it is important to know the history of this magical place of the Riviera del Conero. Knowing the history of Portonovo could mean for the tourist the possibility of hiding in a magical and intriguing atmosphere, conditioned not only by the beauty of nature. The attentive visitor will be able to see in various points of the Bay of Portonovo unmistakable signs of the past. For example, you may notice the presence of an ancient one tower on the sea, or a fort. You will be able to notice the presence of one from the Capannina beach medieval church. Living a holiday in Portonovo also means attending a place that in the distant past was the home of man. We offer you some essential historical notes relating to the Bay of Portonovo.

Travel tips


The beautiful tower that now stands in Portonovo was built by the pope Clement XI in 1716 to prevent the possible arrival of pirates. It was built in a place that seems to have been made for this type of construction, in "Natural elbow" of the Conero. Over the years it became very famous for its position and beauty, think that it was bought by the entrepreneur Adolfo De Bosis and which was used as a source of inspiration by many poets who stayed there (among them also Gabriele D'Annunzio e Lauro De Bosis). D'Annunzio himself in his writing The water is silent, set in Portonovo, refers to it.

Napoleonic Fort

This beautiful fort dates back to 1810 and it was built during Napoleon's Reign of Italy for counter the ships of the English fleet that could reach the Portonovo Spring. This episode of historical memory for all citizens who celebrate the episode with the demonstration every year New Port 1811. 

To build the whole fort it took the stones ofancient Benedictine monastery years before it was destroyed. After battle of Castelfidardo which sanctioned the annexation of the Marches to the Kingdom of Italy, the fort no longer had that defense role. In the 60s it was renovated.

The Portonovo lakes

Il Deep Lake and Calcagno lake, also called Lago Grande, surrounded by reeds of rush and white pebbles from the mountain, contain brackish water, the result of the mixture of sea and fresh water. In fact, during storm surges, the sea water enters the lakes, infiltrating under the beach; while, the fresh water that enters the Lago Grande comes from the springs and from small temporary tributaries as regards that of the Deep Lake

Church of Santa Maria

The beautiful Church of Santa Maria is one of the particularities of Portonovo. You can find it practically above the sea, it is truly a wonderful example of Romanesque architecture in the Marche. In ancient times, before the church was built, there was a temple dedicated to the goddess Venus. The Church of Santa Maria di Portonovo was built around the year 1000, and was the home of the Benedictine building that spiritually presided over the whole area. 

The Beaches of Portonovo: various atmospheres in the same paradise

In the fantastic Portonovo bay there are many types of beach that the tourist can attend. Each offers not only a natural feature of its own, but also a particular atmosphere. This is the fortune of this small paradise of Riviera del Conero, where the sea shines with its shades of green and blue, and the Mediterranean scrub of Monte Conero, from above, creates a reassuring and protective barrier from the rest of the world. Coming on vacation to Portonovo means never getting bored, since every day it is possible to come across a different beach, and try a different experience. Let's see below what are the main beaches of the most beautiful place in the Marche, for a beach holiday.

Mezzavalle Beach, an oasis of peace close to Portonovo

Among the paradise beaches of the Riviera del Conero, the beach of Half-valley. We are also talking about one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, which the tourist must absolutely visit, discover. We are located right in the vicinity of Portonovo, in the province of Ancona, in the most beautiful and famous part of the sea of ​​the Marche. It is the beach that you can admire from above from many stretches of the provincial road, which from Ancona leads to Portonovo. There are many photographers and videomakers attracted by this treasure: by its view from above. Scrutinizing the Mezzavalle beach like a panorama, means detaching yourself from ordinary time, it means giving yourself a moment of peace for your spirit, it means making the sight rejoice.

Events in Portonovo

Aperiwine at the Lanari Winery

Aperitif at Sunset in the heart of the Conero Park. Glasses of wine & Marche cutting board, every Thursday from 18pm to 45pm.

Wine tourism event: Mangia & Degusta

Wine tourism event in one of the cellars of the Conero Park, producers of a prized Rosso Conero, from sunset until evening.


Activities in Portonovo

Below we recommend all the activities that you can try in the town of Portonovo and surroundings-


Windsurfing in Portonovo

Windsurfing is one of the most popular activities in PORTONOVO. The beach that welcomes this fun aquatic practice is La Capannina. Here you will find an accredited school to learn how to windsurf, and all the material you need to rent for practice.

Canoe trip to discover the beaches of the Conero Riviera

However, there is an alternative way to experience the sea and the beaches of the Conero Riviera: the canoe ride. In fact, with the canoe you have the possibility to quickly switch from one scenario to another, changing the type of beach in a few minutes.

Sup in Portonovo

Another interesting activity, absolutely to try in Portonovo, is SUP. The thrill of being balanced standing on a table, and exploring the beautiful coast of the Bay of Portonovo, is something unique and exciting. You can ask for private lessons,, board rental and all the useful tips for going SUP at Conerostyle, the Portonovo school for aquatic disciplines, present at Capannina di Portonovo beach.

Find out where to surf in Portonovo Bay

The recommended places for surfing in the enchanting scenery of the Conero Riviera. Imagine one of the most daring water sports in the world, wave surfing, in one of the most evocative settings ever: the Conero Riviera.

Discover all the beaches of the Conero Riviera

A unique, intriguing holiday, full of fun or relaxation, kissed by the sun and an enchanting crystalline sea, well-equipped beaches and excellently served by first-rate bathing establishments and chalets, wild coves accessible only by sea, all in the fabulous setting of the Natural Park, there is something for all tastes in the wonderful Conero Riviera.

Portonovo: 4 things to do in the evening

Discover some activities you absolutely must do in the evening in Portonovo, with the more tenuous and fairy colors of the sunset perhaps, between aperitifs and breathtaking views.

Explore the Bay of Portonovo and the Conero Park by bike

In the Portonovo area you can find a sports center that rents bicycles, mountain bikes and e-bikes. You can go there, park comfortably and rent your bike, or have it delivered to the hotel.

Enchanting bike ride through the Conero Park

A guided e-bike tour to discover the Marche, between sea and mountains. As you follow them, you will pass through wonderful places overlooking the sea from which you can enjoy incredible views.

Portonovo Ring - Path N ° 309

Among the healthiest activities we recommend to do in Portonovo, there is a circular route that touches beautiful and interesting places. It is a path that can be done by everyone, and each season gives particular colors and atmospheres to this walk. We are talking about the route 309 of Portonovo.

Sailing around the Marche coast: a recommended itinerary

Try for a moment to imagine the scene and the sensation: plowing the blue of the Adriatic Sea, in the wake of the favorable wind, and at the same time immersing yourself with the view in the shapes and colors of the stretches of coast of the Marche!

From Portonovo to Osimo for the first stage of Italy Coast to Coast

It starts right from Portonovo the now famous route ''Italy Coast to Coast'. Le Marche, and in particular the Riviera del Conero, have the honor of giving the start to this incredible adventure a piedi, which will take the walker from the Adriatic coast to the Tyrrhenian coast, up to Orbetello.  

What to do in Portonovo if it rains

You are in the summer on vacation in Portonovo, and comes that annoying rainy day that disturbs your plans. You would have liked to enjoy the sun on the beach, and then cool off in the clean and transparent sea of ​​the Conero Riviera. Don't be sad we have prepared for you a list of things you can do in Portonovo if it rains. 

The health walk on the Conero a few km from Portonovo

There is a path on the nearby Monte Conero, particularly suitable for a walk in the pursuit of psycho-physical health. We will show you an experience to do a few kilometers from Portonovo, which aims to train your body in the midst of the beauty of the Conero Park.

Wine Trekking from Portonovo

From the area just above Portonovo it is possible to embark on an adventure dedicated to wine walkers. Discover the Conero Wine Trekking route, a walk in the most beautiful setting of the Conero Park, with stops in the cellars.


Conero Red Wine

Rosso Conero represents the emblem and territoriality of the Ancona area and the only promontory of the Adriatic coast, Monte Conero. The uniqueness of this type of wine derives above all from the cultivation environment of the Montepulciano vineyards.

Moroder Agricultural Company Ancona
Since 1837 Winemakers in the Conero

The agricultural complex, certified organic and entirely within the Conero Natural Park, covers an area of ​​62 hectares, of which 38 are dedicated to the cultivation of grapes.
The heart of the company is the cellar. The vineyards, which frame it at 360 ° following the sinuous line of the hills, mix with orchards, oak and olive groves, and then overlook the sea.

Rosso Conero Pesaresi

Aware of the treasure contained in the land of the area, in 1964 Adrio and Arnaldo Pesaresi started an agricultural activity, dedicated to the cultivation of fruit plants and vineyards: thus the Pesaresi Winery was born in this stage of rare beauty, the Conero precisely, which it includes a stretch of coast of Ancona. 

Cantina Lanari

The characteristic, and at the same time the priority, that the Lanari company proposes is the craftsmanship that begins already in the harvest phase with various passages in the vineyard, during which only the grapes that have reached the right ripeness are harvested and further selected at the table of choice after the harvest, work that then continues in the refinement phase of the wine selection.

Angeli di Varano Agricultural Company

The Angeli di Varano agricultural company produces wines RossiBianchirosé e Grappas.
The perfect one ripening of the grapes given by the night sea breeze, the excellent exposure of the vineyards, the selection of grapes in the field combined with one manual harvest and the proximity of the vineyards to the cellar allows us to better interpret the natural needs of fruit transformation and above all allows us to excel in quality.

SanGermano Brewery18

In the Portonovo area we also have a brewery that produces delicious agricultural beer. We are located in the Camerano area, in the heart of the Conero Park. It is located in the countryside, along the road that leads to renowned tourist and seaside resorts such as Portonovo, Sirolo, Numana and Marcelli, which are just a few kilometers away.

The moscioli: the black gold of the Conero

Moscioli are NOT the classic mussels
That's right, if you are in the Ancona area, there is a rocky coastal stretch of Mount Conero that is home to this limited edition of molluscs that grow wild and reproduce naturally. But what's so special about them? There are many factors that make the Portonovo wild mussels unique, fished in the Conero Riviera.

D'Alessio Farm

The D'Alessio farm is located in Ancona in Conero Natural Park. Un lovely place, far from the city and from possible sources of pollution, where natural products can be collected, processed and packaged in a safe and uncontaminated way, guaranteeing the flavors and aromas that this land has to offer.

The Paccasassi of Portonovo

They are called in dialect Paccasassi or Spaccasassi, but in reality they are sea fennel that grows spontaneously and autonomously along all the coasts of the Mediterranean and northern Europe. Particularly prosperous also in the Marche where it was abandoned over time and then returned to vogue in recent times thanks to the Rinci family.

Rinci - Paccasassi company from the Marche region

Rinci is a Marche artisan company of excellence, born in 2015 in the heart of the Conero Park. Francesco, Luca and Alessandro, the young and enterprising owners, offer gastronomic creations of the highest quality that reinterpret the tastes of tradition with wisdom and originality.

The company produces vegetable preserves and sauces that offer unmistakable flavors and unique sensory experiences.

Lumière - Bottega Pop

Do you want to buy the typical products of Portonovo? Take a sightseeing tour in nearby Ancona and enter this shop. Here you can find all the TYPICALITIES of the Portonovo bay, and more.

Enjoy in Portonovo

Portonovo restaurant association

In Portonovo you can find many restaurants, where you can taste the typical fish dishes of the bay. Each has its own atmosphere: you can eat with a view of the sea, or find yourself right on the beach.

Where to taste the Conero Red Wine

We can only advise you to start from wine, from one of the products of the land of Conero area most famous in the world: wine Conero red wine. Ma Rosso Conero is a nectar of the Gods that has no season! Its unmistakable taste must absolutely be savored even in summer, if you don't want to fully experience the experience of a holiday on the Conero Riviera. Maybe the heat of summer could more than anything else arouse the desire to drink a cool glass of white, still lying on your sunbed on the beach. But Rosso Conero is a nectar of the Gods that has no season! Its unmistakable taste must absolutely be savored even in summer, if you don't want to fully experience the experience of a holiday on the Conero Riviera.