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Ascoli Picenois the capital of the homonymous province in theMarche.

Ilhistoric center of Ascoli Picenoit is almost entirely made of travertine and is among the most admired in the region and central Italy, for its artistic and architectural richness.

Ascoli Picenois defined theCity of a hundred towersbecause it preserves several noble and bell towers.

Of great importance not only historical-artistic but also urban planningRenaissance Piazza del Popolo, considered among the most beautiful squares in Italy.

Ascoli Picenoit is a bishopric. While the industrial area is mainly developed in the lower valley ofTronto river.

The city is not far fromAdriatic Seaand borders on two protected natural areas: theGran Sasso National ParkeMonti della LagaandSibillini Mountains National Park.

On the Renaissance squarePiazza del Popolothere are some of the most important buildings including thePalazzo dei Capitanithe historicMeletti coffeeandChurch of St. Francis.

Another very important square adAscoli Picenoand theArringo square, the oldest square in Ascoli, where thebaptistery of San Giovanniof medieval origins, theCathedral of Sant'Emidio, which contains within it the crypt also dedicated to the patron saint. TheEpiscopal palace,Arengo palace, Home of thecivic art gallery.

Among themonumentsare worth visiting: theRoman bridge of Solestàit can also be visited inside, the ruins ofRoman Theatre, caves of the Annunziata, a cyclopean construction of the Roman period, thePia FortressandFort Malatesta,buildingLongobardowith thetower of the Ercolani.

Of extraordinary importance toAscoli Picenoalsotemplesdedicated to the patron saint such as:Sant'Emidio alle Grotte and Sant'Emidio Rossoand also thechurch of Santi Vincenzo e Anastasiowith the characteristic facade divided into panels.

Not only the squares and monuments characterizeAscoli Piceno,but also the ways likevia Pretoriana,route of Solestà,via delle Stelle,via Soderini,via del Trivio,ancient cardo and corso Mazzini.

How to get to Ascoli Piceno

A convenient motorway link connects Ascoli Piceno with the San Benedetto del Tronto tollbooth of the A14 Adriatica motorway.

The closest railway station to Ascoli Piceno is San Benedetto del Tronto (Bologna-Lecce line). The connections between San Benedetto del Tronto and Ascoli Piceno are guaranteed by a local railway line and a bus service of the START Spa Company

The START Spa bus line (06-4460567, 0736-259091) connects Rome with Ascoli Piceno three times a day and vice versa.

The closest airports to Ascoli are: Pescara, Ancona and Rome. From Pescara and Ancona train services are available to San Benedetto del Tronto. From Rome the easiest way to reach Ascoli by bus is to use the services of the START Spa