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Macerata tour, accommodation, activities and things to do

Macerata is the city rich in prestige, capital and seat of the homonymous province in Marche.

Macerata is among the largest cities of the Marche and boasts the presence of the famous University of Macerata.

Macerata it is located between the valley of Power river and that of Chienti river, it is also very close to the Adriatic coast and not too far from the villages ofhinterlands.

Macerata is part ofAssociation of Cities of Art and Culture and offers many cultural events during the year, they are an example: The Review of New Music is today one of the events of contemporary music most important in Italy. The theater hosts the musical event Musiculture.

Furthermore Macerata it is one of the oldest universities in the world founded in 1290. The Center for Historical Studies of Macerata has been active since 1965. The "Carlo Balelli" Study Center for the history of photography.

Da Macerata the annual votive pilgrimage to the Basilica of the Holy House of Loreto.

Macerata two important national publishers are based, Liberalibri and the publishing house Quodlibet.

Although with a lot of skepticism, according to many historians, the city of Macerata it would have been born from the rubble of the Roman center of Helvia Recina, which can be localized at today's level Villa Potenza. So of muraanfiteatro, spa, temples and today little remains of the pavement.

Interesting places to see a Macerata are the fifteenth century Cathedral dedicated to San Giuliano;

Lo Spheristerion it is a theatrical architecture of immense beauty designed in the nineteenth century;

La Villa Compagnoni of the Moons, noble villa located in Cimarella, on the outskirts of Macerata, summer residence of the homonymous family.

Il Compagnoni Marefoschi Palace is an ancient stately home located in Macerata, whose original nucleus dates back to the XNUMXth century.

The following are present in the city museumsRicci Palace (in which the Italian Twentieth Century Collection is present), Macerata Natural History MuseumCarriage Museum e Civic Art Gallery at Buonaccorsi PalaceTypological museum of the crib, Museum of the Risorgimento.

There are also numerous libraries existing in the city: Mozzi Borgetti Municipal Library, Macerata State Library, Cassiano Beligatti Historical Library, Macerata University Libraries, Historical Institute of the Resistance, State Archives.

How to get to Macerata

Macerata is served by the A / 14 motorway which connects Bologna to Taranto at the Macerata-Civitanova Marche exit.

To reach Macerata you have to get off at the Civitanova Marche stop, connected to the Milan-Lecce section and continue either by local train or by bus

Numerous bus lines connect the city with the major centers of Italy such as Rome. It is also possible to use the service of two bus lines: Roma Marche lines spa and Start spa.

The nearest airport is Ancona-Falconara, from which it is possible to use public transport such as buses or local trains to reach the provincial capital.