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Exhibition “watches’ Market in Fermo 2018”

Do you spend a beautiful time? Then you also have to have a nice watch … the famous phrase from the movie Rocky seems to resonate as an excellent introduction to the now historic Exhibition of Watches and vintage Jewellery that will be held in Fermo on December 9, 2018.

A journey across the time, from 9.30 am until 19 pm, free entry at the Hotel Astoria, for fans or curious people, prestigious collections and watches that leave you getting lost lost, among all kinds of hands and dials.
The event, now in its thirty-first edition, has been enriched over the years and now has more than 50 exhibitor from all over Italy and also from abroad, in a city that is a symbol as Fermo is, where from Palazzo dei Priori to the Duomo will open a very interesting tourist route that winds among about 19 clocks located in different points of the city.
To further enhance this journey in collecting, among other rarities, this is the exhibition of a unique jewel, presented by a world champion of fencing.

The collaboration with Montefiore dell Aso is renewed in 2018, that is the head of the prestigious Watch Museum, where different mechanisms of gnomonic, historical importance and engineering are kept , from the clock without the hand of Pietro Mei in 1855, to the mechanism of Melloncelli, up to the beauty of the dials, or the fascination of celestial mechanics.

Included in the exhibition are also several repairers of watches, a symbol of a skill that seems to have remained in the hands of a chosen few.

In the spotlight there is the time … for many is like a source of stress, and for others, is seen as an opportunity: “time, space and their measurement,” will be the theme at the centre of the discussion in a round table that will take place in the same morning of Sunday the 9th with the participation of the Engineers Oronzo Mauro del Sole 24 Ore.
And to stay in the theme of “time” … a little trick to stop the moment is to do a selfie in the humorous frame of the clock, the symbol of the Exhibition-Market of Fermo.