How was the caves of Frasassi discovered? | Marche travelling

47 years after the discovery of the Frasassi Caves, there is another discovery by the CAI of Jesi, the Grotta della Via Crucis. But how were the Caves discovered?


It all started around June 1948 when the Gruppo Speleologico Marchigiano (Marches Speleological Group) in the province of Ancona had been exploring the area for months. There were numerous explorations (for research on naturalist and historical studies) that were also carried out at the turn of the two wars, but the history of that territory changed on June 28, 1948 when the entrance to the Grotta del Fiume was found.
Later, in
1966, he discovered a path that proceeded for over a kilometer from the entrance. From that point the explorations multiplied, many were the speleologists who went to the area every year. In July 1971, some experts in the area found themselves faced with a very narrow hole from which it flowed a disproportionate air stream. They worked for weeks to expand the passage and first discovered a path of five kilometers and then, on September 25, 1971, the Grande Cava del Vento (Great Cave of the Wind).

Fabio Sturba also took part in that fortunate expedition. He recently gave an interview to the daily newspaper “La Repubblica”, together with the other shipping companions, on the 47 years anniversary of the discovery. On that occasion he also explained how the magnificent Grotta Grande del Vento was found:

“I threw a stone and waited to hear the thud. When he touched the ground, I was not hoping for it anymore […] A draw with matches decided that Maurizio Bolognini would have the honor, then me. I went down on a rope, around me I saw only the darkness: I felt like a spider hanging from the thread. It was at that moment that I realized how infinitely small we are […] We went on Saturday, the night slept a few hours in the cave on a bench of chalk that absorbed a bit moisture and re-emerge only on Sunday. “

And this week we register a further discovery. The CAI group of Jesi has officially announced the discovery of a new cavity and called it the Grotta della Via Crucis. It seems to have very small dimensions and is located on the San Vittore di Genga side.

The Frasassi Caves remain a huge sight to visit.