An holiday in Marche can give you lots of moments and situations very exciting. These are the places and the moments absolutely to discover and to live.

The region of Marche can and know how to give you magic and unforgettable moments, feelings and atmosphere, thanks to many places of extraordinary beauty and unchangeable charm which can be both naturalistic, historic, artistic or spiritual. These places have charm, hide secrets and mysteries, tell about legends, splendid past and great love. They are both enchanted and romantic. Here we propose just some of these places to discover, breath and live.

Eremo di Fonte Avellana is surrounded by green, with an unique atmosphere and a feeling of peace between its walls. It is situated in the municipality of Serra Sant’Abbondio, which is at the slope of the Mountain Catria in the province of Pesaro Urbino. The Monastery is dedicated to the Holy Cross. The atmosphere is captivating with its calm and serenity, the green of the wood which surrounds it all. Is a mystic place, where to pray and to have meditation.

For those who instead are searching for a relaxing holiday, but in a worldly place, the beach of Mezzavalle is perfect. It is part of the Riviera del Conero, near the splendid bay of Portonovo. Is and enchanting and natural beach frequented most of all from the youngest who love the wide side of the beach. The outline of the Mount Conero makes of this beach one of the most loved in the area.

While, if you are interested in mystery, in legend and history you have to visit the Mounts Sibillini with their treasures and secrets which hide. Between the old villages are hidden stories mostly connected to the “Sibilla”. Panoramas, territory, mysterious lakes and caves narrate this legends. The National Park of Monti Sibillini includes lots of mountain villages such as Arquata del Tronto, Montefortino, Montemonaco, Montegallo, Pievebovigliana Visso and Ussita. Thanks to their position, this villages are immersed in nature which shows its magnificence between the “antro della Sibilla”, the lake of Pilato and the “gole dell’Infernaccio”.

If you want to lose yourself in a romantic atmosphere, of course you have to choose Fiorenzuola di Focara as your goal. It is a gorgeous village in the centre of the Natural Regional Park of Monte San Bartolo. Visiting this village will become an unforgettable experience as permits you to lose yourself between the hot colours of the sunset, the green of the hills, and the clear blue of the sky.

For those who love sea, we suggest San Benedetto Del Tronto with its beaches full of fun and, at the same time, full of relax. The village is considered the Queen of the Riviera delle Palme, it permits you to escape from your daily routine and have some fun between pubs and bars.