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 Museum Pope Pius IX in Senigallia

A collection of memories of the beloved Pope Pius IX is preserved and guarded in the Palace Mastai-Ferretti in Senigallia, location of the Museum Pius IX, still visible today near Piazza Roma and the current Town Hall in Senigallia.

The Pope Pius IX, born Giovanni Maria Mastai Ferretti in Senigallia in 1792, reigned as Pope for almost 32 years and has been beatified in 2000. During his pontificate, he did a lot for the town of Senigallia, fulfilling a need of support to the weakest people with his foundations.

The building of the Museum Pope Pius IX in Senigallia is a majestic structure dating back to the XV century. Next to the entrance door, a white marble plaque reports: “to Pius IX – here is where on May XIII, MDCCXCII-  he was born – paid homage to the Christian world – on the I centenary”. In the building, several memories are preserved: his cradle, his swaddling cloth, his garnments, the sacred vases and serveral precious relics related to the birth and the life of the beloved pope. Wonderful is the reception salon of this ancient noble building, all decorated with paintings and chests hand made in the  XVII century. Please notice as well the interiors with grotesque decorated doors, paintings and precious antique furniture that belonged to the family and were made in the  XVIII and XIX centuries.

Access to the first floor is given through a wide stone staircase making the building majestic. On the walls, you may find some reproductions of several kinds of posters and warnings dating back to the period of his pontificate. You may as well find a drawing synthesizing the family tree and a Pope’s portrait is a reproduction of another age.

Today the building is used by the Diocese of Senigallia, that opens the Museum for the visitors. Apart from the Museum Pius IX, you may find here the very rich Diocesan Library  with more than 30.000 modern volumes and fascinating ancient archive. They are all included in an online and paper catalogue.


Museum Pius IX – Palazzo Mastai – Via G.M. Mastai, 14 Senigallia

Tel. : 07160649 Fax : 07160094

[email protected]

Open on weekdays 9-12 e 17-19 (last entrance 15 minutes before the closing time)

Free entrance




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