The grand opening of the seaplane base of Gerosa lake | Marche travelling

A brief recap of what happened in Gerosa, where once again we’ve been part of a great project.

It went all as it was planned. We’ve witnessed to the triumph of different experiences which lead up to the grand opening of the seaplane base of Gerosa lake. The moments that preceded the landing of the first seaplanes where made unique by the interpretation of Leopardi’s verses. We experienced a pot of emotions while the pilots delighted us with their stunts. Also, the ribbon-cutting was exciting, and the pilots waved at us proudly and happy to be the firsts to launch this knew seaplane base. It has been a day that will always be remembered. It has marked the history of our region launching a new direct form of tourism.

It all started in the afternoon when the Aquile del Fermano Aircraft took off from Montegiorgio’s airfield and overflowed the lake to patrol. Then, the first splashdown of the seaplanes, a unique experience, rendered more precious thanks to the presence of the authorities.

At that point the show began: with the same colours of the Frecce Tricolori, the parachuting, the stunts and acrobatics of the pilots while greeting to the hundreds of persons that were present.

We feel very proud to be a part of this project. First, because it was a great show for the people and filled up the lake like never before and mostly important is the fact that this event signs a new era for tourism and economy in Marche region.