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The author Valerio Bei tells us the story of this photo.

His name is Valerio Bei and he’s from Montegiorgio, a little town located in the area of Fermo, he’s 28 and passionate about nature and photography. We texted each other since we were really impressed by his beautiful picture which we think it’s the most amazing of last winter. Make sure you follow the author here on Instagram or here on Facebook. You’ll be definitely pleased.

Who’s the author?

I’m very fond of photography and nature and as I hike the mountains, I can combine the two things. Every time it’s a great emotion and you can feel a sense of total peace. I always try to convey what I feel through my photos.”

How did you get inspired?

This photo was taken in Monte Palazzo Borghese [inside the  Sibillini Mountains National Park, editor’s note] which you can see in the foreground and I left together with some friends of mine from Foce di Montemonaco… I was immediately stuck by the sun which contrasted with the clouds: a bit like how things happen in life, good time alternates to bad ones.”

He works as a nurse, so he’s used to see pain, but still he’s positive and sunny. After all, as he says “it’s up to us to see the good things surrounding us, to appreciate every single thing and to look always at the glass as half full.”

Here is the photo:

Who notices the sun and brings a smile. Who notices the clouds.”


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