The photos of the Pope in Loreto | Marche travelling
On 25th March we were in Loreto to welcome the Pope together with thousands of people.

Pope Francis in Loreto: a very important event for our whole region. The Marches as the rest of central Italy – the Pope said – are ready to host a big event, a Family Day or an International Youth Day. Before arriving in a Loreto, the Pope has greeted Amandola, an amazing town located in the area of Sibillini Mountains.

He addressed himself to young people urging them not to wait and to fight. “In the delicate situation of today’s world, the family founded on the marriage between a man and a woman has gained great importance and an essential mission. It is necessary to rediscover the picture God drew in order to reaffirm its greatness and its irreplaceability in supporting life and society.” These are the words the Pope dedicated to family.

Here are our photos of the Pope’s arrival in Loreto.

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