Which is the latitude and longitude of Ancona? | Marche travelling
Let’s quickly brush up on geography in order to get some more curiosities about our regional capital.

Ancona is one of the stops that everyone who plans to take a trip to the Marches can’t avoid visiting. It’s not only the capital of the region, but also the location of wonderful monuments and beautiful beaches. It’s really worth visiting. Ancona owns an airport, a port and is very well connected to the rest of Italy thank to the railway station. So, there’s no excuse not to visit Ancona . However, today we would like to give you more information about our city. In case you don’t know how to reach our beautiful city, here are the geographical coordinates.

As you know, every point on the earth corresponds to a point of the coordinate system which enables to identify every area of the world in a bijective (in other words a point in the reality can correspond to just one point on a map and vice versa) and accurate way. If we should have to find our city in a net of meridians and parallels, we would need two data: longitude and latitude.

The longitude of Ancona represents the angular value of the parallel arch included between the point where Ancona is and a meridian of reference. In this case the Greenwich Meridian. On the contrary, the latitude of Ancona represents the angular value of the meridian arch included between the point Ancona and the equator. Another important data is the altitude in relation to another reference level (the sea, in this case the middle level of the sea which has been recorded by the mareograph in Genoa).

The data are the following: 

Latitude 43°35’56″76 N

Longitude 13°30’39″60 E7

Maximum or minimum altitude 572.